Zomi Youth Development

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Senior Leadership

YD’s Leadership Team is comprised of a Director’s Office and a Management Team. In addition, we have a ZIUSA Board Representative who is a member of the Board of Directors at ZIUSA and has decision making authority at YD. Together, they support and empower all members of YD to succeed in their activities.

Director's Office

muan kim

Muan Kim

Executive Director

Nang Dong

Founder & Assistant Director

Dim Kim

Assistant Director

Lun Ciang

Assistant Director

Management Team

Vung Nuam

Training Manager

Pum Sian

Training Asst. Manager

idol singer siamno

ELL Administrator

sian nuam

Sian Nuam

ELL Organizer

zomi khaiboih

Siam Za Khai

Human Resources


Lian Muan

Research Manager

Lun Siam

Human Resources

mang nuam

Mang Nuam

Judicial Review

mang nuam

Mang Nuam

Language & Literature

man in suit

Pau Mung

Creative Manager

mary siam

Mary Siam

Human Resources


IT & Security

Lian Hawm

ZIUSA Board Representative