Zomi Youth Development

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Dividing the many functions of our organization in to unique departments allows us to run operations efficiently by having better resource management and skills allocation. Many of our trainees graduate and stay on as members by joining departments that align with their interests and skills.

Training Department

The Zomi Youth Development Program’s Training Team is in charge of providing training to new batches in order to achieve our YD goals. The trainees are also prepared to volunteer in the department after completing this course. We provide a total of ten different curricula.

Human Resources and Management

The HR Department in Zomi Youth Development is responsible for taking and calculating work hours, coming up with new ideas to better YD, and organizing information regarding the members of YD and their work. This department is also responsible for recruiting all the YD members in a department and positions. So we play a big role in developing, reinforcing and building the culture of YD.

Research Department

The research team is in charge of gathering important information for both YD as well as ZIUSA. In broad, our research covers various topics. We use both qualitative and quantitative research methods in our research. We plan to cover more topics in the future that will benefit the Zomi community in the short and long term.

Creative Department

The Creative Department in the Zomi Youth Development Program is in charge of designing ideas that draw a large number of people’s interest. The Creative Department is an environment where we work collaboratively and encourage our creativity to flourish for the Zomi Community. The YD Batch Recruitment campaign videos are an example of what we’ve done. We hope that our projects will benefit the community in the future.