Zomi Youth Development

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Who We Are

We are change agents

Zomi Youth Development is part of a non-profit youth organization that aims to support and uplift the Zomi youths around the world. We are a collective of students, scholars, and activists with a shared interest in positively influencing the many Zomi communities scattered across the globe.

We are not affiliated with any political party in the US, Myanmar, or anywhere else. Instead, our work focuses on the holistic development of Zomi youths scattered across the globe due to the Zomi Diaspora. We exist to empower each other and to be the vehicle that drives the positive development of Zomi communities.

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The shaded regions are where our active members are from as of 2021.

Our goal is to build networks worldwide and connect with Zomi scholars around the world.

Zomi Picing | Siamsin Picing

We create a community of growth

Our Vision
To uplift the Human Development Index of the Zomi people, as well as preserve and enhance the literature, language and its culture.​

We envision a future where the Zomi people are able to recognize and exercise their right to self-determination. We believe that in order to achieve our vision it starts with our youths.

Our Mission
To educate Zomi youths in basic education respective to their age, and encourage them to acquire extra curricular involvements in the Zomi communities.

To see our vision into reality, we charted a mission that follows two simple tenets:

Zomi Picing

  • Raise up generations of Zomi youths who will have a passion to meaningfully contribute their time and skills to increase the social, economic, and political development of the Zomi people
  • Raise up leaders who understand and abide by the rule of law

Siamsin Picing

  • For students to have knowledge and skills that complement their age and studies
  • Cultivate a heart of life-long learning

YD’s Leadership Team is comprised of the Office of the Director, a Management Team, and a Committee Chair. We also have an auxiliary branch which acts to provide additional support as needed but do not have internal operations authority. Together, our Senior Leadership Team support and empower all members of YD to succeed in their activities.