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2022 Zomi USA Idol First Place

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We are thrilled to announce we have just launched a computer programming course! 

This CS50P course is facilitated by YD Education Team in partnership with Sia Khaino (Singapore) to enhance youth’s basic computer programming skills and knowledge. Filling out the application doesn’t guarantee your admission to the program. YD Education Team will be in charge of the student selection process. However, we still recommend you apply if you’re interested! Don’t miss this opportunity. Click on the “Apply Here” button to apply today!
Course duration: August 7, 2022 – November 27, 2022

    +1 269 580 4130
Sian Nuam  
    +1 270 320 2321
Khai Boih  
    +1 402 805 3811
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What We Do

Basic Training

Our Basic Training is what kick-started YD. After many years, we are continuing to produce new batches of graduates from our trainings.

Below is a sample of topics covered:

  • Government & Politics
  • Personal Finance
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Zomi History

ELL Curriculum

The need to fulfill English Language competency is great and we set up a curriculum this year to provide English courses.

We have a team of excellent ELL volunteer teachers from multiple states across the US.


Do you have a heart to make a positive difference in the lives of others? Do you have experience, skills, or willingness to be in a teaching position? We welcome highly motivated and talented individuals! Click on the link to make a difference in someone’s life.

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Our Partners

We are extremely grateful to have to work with great organizations helping us achieve our goals better.

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Meetings and Events

YD is a bustling network of hard-working young people. No matter which season of the year, our members are making big impacts in their communities. We know when to have fun too.